Northport's business zone expands; city's campaign working

{} Northport's campaign to draw more people and businesses to the city may be working.{} In an area where there are no businesses at the West End of Highway 82, a Pet Supermarket and Tuesday Morning plan to open in a vacant building.

{}{} Mayor Bobby Herndon says, "That highway 82 corridor, there's pretty room for additional growth. 43 is wide open"

{}{} Staples such as Northport{} Auto Supply are riding the wave of the city's economic boost.{} All of their delivery trucks bear the city's campaign stickers, 'Live Here, Shop Here, Grow Here.'{} Manager Bryan Crow says, "Traffic going by, people going to these other new shops, new stores you know they see us. They hear about us."

{} Many say you can tell the city's promotion is working by increased traffic on the main drag. "Especially with Big Lots, Hobby Lobby and the Tractor Supply," added Crow.

{} Inside Northport Auto Supply, you hear a lot more tickets printing.{} That's a good sign. "More people walk in because if they have car trouble, they come right by here and it helps with us being in between a lot of the big stores that have come to town."

{} Mayor Herndon says that 's the goal and its by design. "I don't want Northport to be the place you drive through to get to your destination. I want Northport to be your destination."