Developing: NTSB hearing into UPS plane crash underway

Washington, D.C. -- Federal investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board are grilling UPS officials over UPS Flight 1354 Thursday. {}The cargo plane crashed just outside of Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport last August killing the pilot and co-pilot.

Investigators said their were no mechanical problems with the plane. Transcripts from the cockpit voice recorder shows the pilots complained of tiring work schedules that don't allow enough time for sleep at the start of the flight. {}

Captain Cerea Beal Jr. was flying the plane. He complained to First Officer Shanda Fanning that cargo pilots aren't given as much time to rest between work shifts as federal regulations require for pilots at passenger airlines.{}Fanning agreed. She said she had "good sleep" the previous night, but woke up tired anyway.The transcript was released by the NTSB.{}The NTSB is expected to give their final determination into the cause of the crash by the end of the year.{}