NTSB releases preliminary report on fatal Walker county plane crash

From the NTSB:On{} January{} 1,{} 2013, about 2240 central standard time, a twin engine Piper PA-30, N7700Y, collided with{} terrain{} during{} an{} uncontrolled{} descent{} in{} Jasper,{} Alabama.{} The{} student{} pilot and two passengers{} were fatally injured, and the airplane was destroyed. The airplane was unregistered, and is{} owned{} by{} a{} private{} individual.{} The{} unauthorized{} flight was conducted in night, instrument meteorological{} conditions{} and{} no{} flight{} plan{} was filed. The flight departed from Walker County Airport-Bevill Field, Jasper, Alabama, at 2235.Witnesses{} stated{} that{} on{} the{} night{} of{} the{} accident,{} it was dark and raining. They heard theairplane{} flying{} very low and, shortly thereafter they heard a loud crash. The witnesses called 911and reported that the airplane had crashed. {}According{} to the airport manager/instructor, the pilot worked as a cleanup person at the airport intrade{} for{} flight{} lessons.{} The{} airport{} manager said that student pilot completed his first soloflight{} on{} April{} 27,{} 2012.{} He{} also said that the student pilot received his flight lessons in asingle{} engine{} Cessna C-172 airplane. After the student pilot's solo, he no longer received lessonsfrom the airport manager.The{} owner{} of{} the airplane stated that he knew the student pilot from{} his work at the airport. Hewent{} on{} to{} say{} that he never gave permission to the student pilot to fly his airplane. The ownerwas{} asked{} if{} he ever took the student pilot flying in his airplane and he responded "no." He saidthat{} the{} student pilot did not have a key for his airplane and it was not typically locked. On thenight{} of{} the accident, the owner was informed that his airplane was missing from the airport. When he{} arrived{} at the airport, he verified that his airplane was missing and reported that it was last seen on December 23, 2012.According{} to{} preliminary{} information{} obtained{} from{} the Federal Aviation Administration, no airtraffic control assistance and no radio transmissions were made by the pilot prior to the accident.