NTSB: We want to hurry to get boots on the ground in Birmingham

Photo of UPS plane crash near Birmingham Airport on Wednesday, August 14, 2013. (Photo Courtesy of Mayor William Bell's Office)

The National Transportation Safety Board's Go Team is now boarding a plan to head to Birmingham to document the damage from the UPS flight crash. The plane crashed around 4:45 Wednesday morning near the airport killing the two pilots.

Robert Sumwalt, a NTSB board member, addressed the media before boarding the plane.

"We do want to hurry to get boots on the ground in Birmingham," he said of the urgent need to document the crash.

Dr. Dan Bower, a senior aviation accident investigator, will lead the Go Team. It will consist of experts{} in the area of structure, power plants, aircraft performance, and human performance. They are expected to arrive in Birmingham by 11 a.m..

NTSB will also send a person to handle disaster assistance to handle any family needs.

Sumwalt said he wasn't sure what the team would find when they arrived. But says the success rate of retrieving the black box for information is high.

The UPS flight originated from Louisville. It crashed in a field on 8900 Airport Road just before the landing strip. The pilots' bodies were found about 100 yards from the wreckage.