Nude South Alabama student shot and killed after confrontation with police

A 18-year-old University of South Alabama student was shot and killed early Saturday morning after he physically threatened a police officer.

According to a release from USA, freshman Gilbert Thomas Collar of Wetumpka showed up at a university police station nude and acting erratically.{} After hearing a disturbance outside the station, an officer proceeded to investigate the noise and was confronted by Collar who then rushed the officer, challenging him verbally to a fight.

The officer, with weapon drawn, ordered Collar to halt.{} After ignoring orders, Collar continued to threaten the officer, who retreated numerous times in an attempt to quell the situation.{} The naked student then began to chase the officer away from the station and ignored repeated commands to stop.

After another threatening act, the officer shot Collar once with his sidearm, hitting the assailant in the chest.{} After falling to the ground, Collar got up to challenge the officer yet again, but collapsed to his death moments later.

Immediately following the incident, the University of South Alabama Police Department contacted the District Attorney's Office and requested an external investigation.{} The officer has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcomes of that investigation along with an internal investigation.

The Mobile County Sheriff's Office will assist with the District Attorney's Office in the matter.

The University extended it's condolences to the Collar family.