Snow & ice reported on roadways in West Alabama

Snow and ice{}caused traffic headaches in West Alabama Thursday morning.

The Pickens County Sheriff's Office said{}all roads are closed countywide.

In Tuscaloosa County, the a roads and transportation crew{}is headed to put sand on the North River Bridge on Gorgas Road.{} Another crew{}is{}sanding{}"the hill" on Gorgas Rd. at the Fayette County line.

ALDOT crews are on the way to put sand on the bridge on Hwy 43 at mile marker 220, also in Tuscaloosa County.{} A Sheriff's office spokesman said some roads are closed, but that is due to flooding earlier this week, not because of snow.

In Walker County, there have been at least three wrecks on Hwy 5 near Prospect Rd. in Jasper.{} The Jasper Fire Chief said resident should not drive unless it is absolutely necessary.