Nursing Home In McCalla Shuts Down upsetting employees

"I don't know what I'll do," says Judy Hyde, an ex-employee. Today was supposed to be payday for Judy Hyde and her coworkers. Little did she know that the owners of Tannehill Haven shut the business down and they haven't got paid for the past three weeks. "I got bills, my rent is due today, I don't know," says Hyde.

And it gets worse; Thirty-eight senior citizens were loaded on buses taken to other nursing facilities in the area. They also had their items removed from their rooms and packed away in a U-haul truck.

Hyde says, "It wasn't right for the residents, they didn't have but a three day warning."

"We were crying, I mean it was so sad, and some of the residents were crying," says another former employee Wanda Martin.

ABC 33/40 and the employees tried to get in contact with the owners, but didn't get any luck.

Tatsie Mayweather says, "They will not answer the phone, or the emails."

Meantime, Hyde is still at a loss for words and doesn't know when or if she'll ever get paid. She says she plans on filing a lawsuit against the facility soon.

"I hope we can take them for everything they got; I hope they lose everything," says Hyde.

We still have not heard back from the owners or bookkeeper at Tannehill Haven. We will keep you updated if that changes.