NWS issues Red Flag 'Fire' Warning

{}{}{}{} A brush fire off Highway 69 North kept firefighters running from corner to corner.{} Northport Fire Chief, Bart{}Marshall{}explains why " It was middle of the day yesterday. You can see how far it acre burned in just a matter of minutes."

{}{}{}{}{}The fire threatened four homes and came within a stones throw from Darryl Hardin's house.{} "{}It gave me some{}concern because yesterday was a windy day," he said.

{}{}{}{}{} The dry weather and low humidity prompted the National Weather Service to issue a 'Red Flag' fire warning.{} It means the conditions are ripe for brush fires.{} "Normally in Alabama, the humidity level is around 50%, today its dropping around 14 percent. So, with a low humidity, winds and dry conditions and a dry air mass - its just a recipe for fire," explained Chief Marshall.

{}{}{}{}{} That's why Northport Firefighters kept watch throughout the day Friday.

{}{}{}{}{} In just 24 hours, they responded to three brush fires.{} Firefighters believe some one tossed a cigarette that started a fire off Highway 171.{} The cause of the 69 North fire is still unknown, although its suspected a power extension cord stretching across the field from one house to another may have contributed.

{}{}{}{} "Sometimes things like that can get out of control. I was glad to see the fire department out here and they were able to contain it pretty quickly," said Hardin

{}{}{}{}{} While the conditions persist, firefighters are asking people to avoid or limit activity that pose fire hazards. "If you do have to do any kind of hot welder or whatever, we ask you have a fire extinguisher or water hose there just in case."

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