Occupy Birmingham now occupies houses

For months now, Occupy Birmingham has occupied a corner of Birmingham's financial district. Protesting what they call economic injustices and wealth disparity".

Now they're occupying someone's house.

Some 20 participants moved onto Stephen and Maurita ward's house to protest what they're calling a wrongful foreclosure.

They say the Wards have made payments since moving into the house in 2006.

They say the Wards made payments on time, but were victims of real estate fraud when an agent pocketed payments for two years.

The bank doesn't buy that and plans to put the house up for auction.

"This is not just an anti bank action, but this is also a pro community action here. We're trying to say enough is enough, and members of the community need to stand up against this type of action," said Erick Forsyth, an Occupy participant.

The house will be up for auction on January 12th. Occupy protesters say they plan to stay during the auction, even if it means getting arrested.