Officer-involved shooting in Anniston leaves 53-year-old man dead

Authorities are investigating an officer-involved shooting in Anniston, Tuesday, April 22, 2014.

Calhoun County officials say Anniston police fatally shot a man who was accused of pointing a gun at them.{}According to County Coroner Shane Adrian, 53-year-old Frank Charles Johnston was pronounced dead after being shot outside his house in the Blue Mountain area Tuesday morning. Adrian says neighbors told investigators that Johnston was standing in the street with a gun and that he pointed the weapon at responding officers.{}Adrian says Johnston's body is being taken to Huntsville for an autopsy and it's unclear how many times the man was shot.Anniston police fatally shot a man accused of pointing a gun at them.The Calhoun County coroner identified the man as 53-year-old Frank Charles Johnston.{} He died Tuesday morning outside his Net Street home in the Blue Mountain community in northwest Anniston.Investigators said Johnston refused to put down his gun and two officers shot him in defense.A man who identified himself as Frank called 911 around 9:30 Tuesday morning.{} Police said the caller said there was a white man with a gun walking near the intersection of Twine Street and Net Street.A responding officer found Frank Johnston armed with a gun."He called for back up to speed up and hurry up and get there," Anniston police chief Shane Denham said."At that time he started verbally engaging this suspect, told him multiple times to put his gun down, put his gun down, put his gun down," Denham said."It even got to the point of pleading with him for a second.{} He refused to drop his weapon," he said."Not only did he refuse to drop the weapon but he raised it and took up a shooting stance and pointed it at the officers.{} At that time both the officers did engage the subject and did shoot him."Investigators later discovered the handgun was an air-soft pellet pistol, which shoots BBs or small plastic balls.{} Denham said it looked just like a 1911 handgun."You couldn't tell that it was not a real weapon so for the officers, it was a real weapon.{} They were in fear for their lives and they responded appropriately," Chief Denham said.He said the police department is arranging counseling for the officers involved in the shooting, and they are going through an "administrative process."Anniston police are trying to track the source of the initial 9-1-1 call.{} Denham declined to answer any questions Tuesday afternoon, but said he expects to release more information Wednesday morning.
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