Officials investigate fire at Calhoun County Jail

An investigation is underway involving a fire at the Calhoun County Jail.{} Calhoun County sheriff, Larry Amerson, says in a news release that a dryer caught fire while drying clothes.{} Jail staff and an on duty deputy used fire extinguishers in an effort to put out the flames.{} The Anniston Fire Department responded and the fire was put out.{} One of two clothes dryers was a total loss.{} The second dryer was damaged as well.{}

The laundry room and hallway received smoke damage.{} The fire was contained to the dryer.{} Smoke was contained within the dryer room and the dry food storage area.{} No inmate housing areas or inmates were endangered.{} Sheriff Amerson also says an inspection of the dryer system showed that the exterior piping appears that it may be clogged in an area that regular maintenance could not address.{} Repairs to the area are also being looked at.{}