Officials Ready for Election Day

For Birmingham City Clerk Lee Frazier, Tuesday's election is 'game day' for him, his staff and dozens of volunteers.

"The election doesn't start until the polling places are open," said Frazier. {}

The City Clerk is charged of making sure 71 polling locations throughout Birmingham are ready for election day.{} Each location will have two voting machines as well as an ADA compliance machine. {}Frazier said the machines have been tested to detect irregularities. {}He's confident{}that registered voters will have their votes counted fairly.{}"Tomorrow, I will visit several locations mostly some of our larger boxes, making sure everything is running smoothly, making sure we don't have any issues or problems," he said.{}Voters said they too are ready and although their issues of importance vary, many are voting for better schools and safer neighborhoods.{}"Leadership and neighborhoods. {}Those are two issues I am looking at," said Charles Moore.{}"The way the school is now. It's awful. It is. {}You got to pay to get your kids to a good school. Then you're combining all of the kids together. I don't think that's cool," said Martha Smith, a long time Birmingham resident.{}Polls open at 7am Tuesday and close at 7pm. {}Officials don't anticipate long waits but voters should be prepared with proper identification.{}{}