Hoover officials reconsidering school bus cuts

Hoover Schools Superintendent Andy Craig is attempting to save the school bus system. (

Hoover parents and administrators may not being seeing eye to eye when it comes to discontinuing bus service in the district, but the two sides could soon find common ground.{}"Some families will be able to make it work. Others won't," said Stephanie Brumbeloe, the mother of three Hoover students.{}School administrators announced they are working to present parents with other cost saving proposals, a sign cuts could be made to a program other than transportation services.{}"You gotta get to school before you can learn," said Alan Brumbeloe.{}Since learning the school board approved discontinuing bus service for the 2014-2015 school year, parents have come together to voice opposition. {}A Facebook page for Hoover parents concerned about the possible bus cuts has already garnered more than 1,800 'Likes'."I believe most parents believe buses are a basic need," said Brumbeloe.{}Officials will make a presentation at a school board meeting in August. {} For representatives with the Alabama Education Association, considering cuts other than buses is good news. {}The AEA has been fighting for Hoover's bus drivers who would be out of work within a year.{}"I know that the community and employees are encouraged to hear that the Superintendent and Board of Education members are exploring options for continuing transportation services," said Dana Clement, AEA UniServ Director for {}District 29. "For so many families and employees the possibility of no transportation for Hoover students has been of great worry."