Old Baker Farm continues to sell real Christmas Trees for 20 plus years

Jerry Baker, owner of Old Baker Farm in Harpersville, Ala. (

Picking out that perfect Christmas Tree can be a tall order.

Jerry Baker knows it's a decision best decided by those closest to the ground.

"It's a family thing," Baker said.

Baker has been selling Christmas Trees for many years.

"Been selling for 25 years," he said.

Decades ago, he says Christmas Tree farms were a dime a dozen.

"At one point there were nine Christmas Tree farms around here," he said. "And [now] I'm the only one left."

His tree farm helps make his annual income.

At $30-$60 a piece, selling all sorts of trees like Virginia Pine, White Pine, Carolina Sapphire, Arizona Sapphire and Cedar he says he does about $40,000 in business in a little more than a month.

It's not all profit, with taxes and all, but he says it's always worth it.

"You get to see people's faces and children," he said. "They come out here and enjoy their self and have fun."

The experience of a real tree.

"It looks better," Liz Forester said. "It's fresher."

An experience Forester wouldn't trade for anything.

"I wouldn't give up my family time and something I can do year after year versus price," she said.

Proving it's not always the gifts that make Christmas merry, but the memories.

Old Baker Farm is located in Harpersville just off Highway 280. The business is open seven days a week from 9:00 a.m. until dark.