Updated with Exclusive Video: One arrested after Pelham standoff

One man is in custody after a standoff in Pelham. It happened just before 2pm on Cottage Circle - off Helena Road. Pelham Police Captain Larry Palmer says Homewood Police were trying to serve a warrant, when he barricaded himself inside the town home, then went upstairs to the attic and broke through the dividing wall - entering the attics of several other homes. The neighborhood was evacuated. SWAT team members broke through the door and were able to apprehend him and brought him out as he yelled back at them. We're waiting on word of formal charges. His name has not yet been released.{}


UPDATE:US Marshals, SWAT teams, K-9 units, and officers armed with machine guns were after a man who barricaded himself inside a home on Cottage Lane in Pelham, while police tried to serve a warrant out of Homewood.{}

In ABC 33/40 exclusive video, you can see where they broke through the door and asked him to come out and surrender, but instead he climbed up into the attic. "We started following him from location to location to finally get him," Captain Larry Palmer, Pelham Police said. "We followed him through the attic as he made his way through the attic."And with no way out he started breaking through the walls between the townhomes crawling through his neighbors' attics."Crawl out on your face! Crawl out on your face!" Officer shouted at him."We have a tactical operations unit that is trained to go to those unusual places and do those unusual things," Captain Palmer said."You never let your mind get set in one particular tactic - you keep your mind open to those kinds of things," Palmer said. "We go wherever we have to go."Once in custody he started yelling back at officers about a Vestavia Hills Police officer, he said is his brother accused of molesting his daughter in 2008."Do you understand me, my brother had nothing to do with it!" The suspect screamed at officers.

A firearm was found inside the residence. Police are waiting to release the man's identity until felony charges are filed.