One lawmaker expects "blood bath" in Montgomery

One state lawmaker is calling this upcoming legislative session "a blood bath." But for the first time in several years, it doesn't appear as if the fighting will come from within the Jefferson County Delegation.

Jefferson County is far from being problem free. Cooper Green is at the heart of the latest issues.

"I've been here since 8:15. My doctor quit. They ain't find me no doctor for primary care. How can{}I get service?," asked Marlon Wallace, a Cooper Green patient.

Representative John Rogers and Mary Moore plan on filing Jefferson County bills. Rogers' would remove the indigent care fund from the county's budget and turn Cooper Green over to the City of Birmingham or the state health department. Moore just wants the county manager gone.

"If they want a war, we've got a war. We aren't going to punish these poor folk. They've got to get it right," said Rogers, (D) Birmingham.

But not everyone wants to wage war.

"I'm optimistic we are headed in the right direction, so there is no reason to file legislation for the sake of doing it," said Representative Paul DeMarco, (R) Vestavia Hills of his satisfaction with the county manager form of government and the progress in resolving bankruptcy.

Some delegation members admit as a whole, they haven't been easy to work with. In 2011, a security guard had to stop an argument on the House floor. While some delegation members fought for revenue help for the county, others quietly worked against the county's revenue bills. And in 2012, the co-chairman at the time publicly destroyed the county's last hope.

"I{}got to go kill the bill right now," said Rogers at the final delegation meeting of the 2012 session.

This year, not one local bill has been pre-filed.

"It's probably better to step back and let this session go and not do any more damage to the county than already has been done," said Representative Jack Williams, (R) Vestavia Hills.

So for most, their focus is on statewide issues, like the budget and education.

The gavel will go down on the 2013 session at noon Tuesday.