One Primary Issue for Voters

Sharon Byrd Collins just moved to Birmingham 2 months ago, {}but when she learned of problems at the Birmingham Board of Education, she knew she had to vote.{}

"I think its time for a change on the school board," said Collins.{}The school system was recently put on a two year probation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. {}A report by SACS cited in-fighting as a problem among board members. The report also said members of the school board were unwilling to look beyond their own interests. {}Voters say Birmingham students deserve better.{}"I'm concerned about the school children and what's going to happen with them," said Marion Springer, who cast his ballot at the Jefferson County Courthouse.{}Over several weeks, the FOCUS @ 4 team introduced you to more than two dozen candidates running for the Birmingham Board of Education. {}Some said its the largest pool of candidates.{}Each of the candidates running say they're the right person for the job, but that's a decision that now rests in the hands of voters. {}{}