One year later; Investigators confident they'll solve Ragsdale case

{}{}{}{} Although Kate Ragsdale's home in 'The Highlands' community of East Tuscaloosa has a new owner, her killer remains on the loose but investigators are confident they'll find who killed her.

{}{}{} "We're analyzing videos and analyzing witnesses statements and narrowing those down even further," said Sgt. Dales Phillips who oversees Tuscaloosa's Metro Homicide Unit.

{}{}{}{} One year ago, a neighbor of Ragsdale found her body in a gruesome murder scene at the home off University Boulevard just past DCH hospital.{} Police said she died from blunt force trauma.

{}{}{}{} At the time, police solicited the help of a FBI profiler to characterize the killer.{} One thing they maintain is the killer lived close to Ragsdale.{} They still believe he/she is somewhere in the Tuscaloosa area.{} However, Sgt. Phillps says they now have a better idea who they're looking for. "This person is very unorganized.{} We believe they (killer) was at Ragsdale home for some reason, didn't plan{}on killing her and this just happened," he explained.

{}{}{}{} Since her death neighbors have remained on edge.{} Some have even bought guard dogs.

{}{}{}{} Also, those who knew Ragsdale are still shocked by the killing.{} She was a{}well respected retired librarian from the University of Alabama.{}{} Ragsdale was very involved in the community, including the West Alabama Aids Outreach where she volunteered for 15 years.{} "Its hard to talk about it.{} We just miss her.{} Obviously, it was unexpected.{} And those of us who loved her desperately want some resolution to the case," said director Billy Kirkpatrick.

{}{}{}{} Police say the use of advances in technology have helped them narrow down a list of potential suspects and they feel confident make an arrest soon.

{}{}{}{} However, investigators still welcome information from the public.

{}{} {} Also, a $20,000 reward between The Highlands community and governor's office remains.