UPDATE: Oneonta fire investigation being treated as a homicide

A who-done-it in Blount County.

Who killed a 66-year-old man and then set his house on fire?

Blount County district attorney Pamela Casey says she's not ready to release too much information about the case. "Our investigation so far reveals this is a homicide," says Casey. "You don't want someone on the streets who could harm someone else."

So, who was the last person to see 66-year-old Donald Whited alive?

Firefighters answered a 9-1-1 call to his house on Ebell road in Oneota. His body was found inside the house.{}

Investigators are awaiting autopsy results. "We're going to perform this investigation and bring the perpetrator to justice," says Casey.At this time, there is no suspect.

But, if an arrest is made here's what that person may be facing. "Generally speaking, in a case like this that involves a fire, would be a capital murder, an arson capital murder," says Casey. "But we would have to look at all the evidence before we make a decision on how we are going to charge this individual."

Anyone with any information in this case is encouraged to contact the Oneonta sheriff's office at (205) 625-4127