Oneonta takes to the polls over "wet versus dry" debate

Voters in Oneonta will decide Tuesday on whether to allow alcohol sales within the city limits.The "wet vs. dry" vote has created heated debate within the town. Some groups, including Keep Blount County Special, argue allowing alcohol sales would increase DUI-related car accidents. However, several business owners and the A Better Oneonta group, insist allowing the city to "go wet" would attract more businesses to the area.Oneonta City Manager Edward Lowe tells ABC 33/40 alcohol sales revenue would generate more than $28,000 for the city each month. Lowe says the money would be divided as follows: 25 percent for schools, 25 percent for public safety and the remaining 50 percent for the city's general fund.The polls close at 7 p.m.Stay with ABC 33/40 for more on this developing story.