Online petition for Shelby County school security gaining speed

An online petition created after a gunman entered Chelsea Middle School February 12 has more than 400 signatures supporting a security plan{}at county schools.

The petition's creator, Ty Coffey, began the movement February 13.

"I have a 7-year-old niece who goes to school within the school system, and I never want to see her put in danger," said Coffey. "The politicians have had their time. Let the people have their time."

21-year-old Ryan Sims was arrested at the school and accused of holding five students hostage.

"This serves as a wake-up call that the time to act is now," added Coffey. "This is going to require common sense to fix this problem."

A Shelby County Commissioner said county leaders are discussing plans, but Chairwoman Lindsey Allison did not{}return our call for comment.