Online verification system means longer wait in tag lines

© People waiting in line for car tags at the Jefferson County Courthouse on Wednesday. (

It's the line most people dread being in.

"Just because of the inconvenience, I guess," Gloria Belcher said.

Waiting for hours to renew car tags.

And it could get worse.

"It has typically slowed down the process to some degree," Jefferson County Dept. of Revenue Director, Travis Hulsey, said.

Hulsey blames the Online Insurance Verification System, which is an online service to verify drivers' insurance. But not everyone is on board with the idea, including some insurance companies.

Hulsey says 14 companies aren't included in the online service. Although some of them are taking the steps to become part of the process, Hulsey says it's an inconvenience.

"If there's not a match there already set up [online] then we have to physically verify the information," he said.

Which means standing in those long lines for hours.

Hulsey says if someone has forgotten their insurance papers, they can contact their agency and have them fax over a copy to the courthouse. It's what Kimberly Benjamin did, Wednesday, in Bessemer.

"I had to call my insurance company and they're going to fax it over," she said. "Hopefully, when I get up to the front of the line they'll be able to put it together."

But Hulsey says in Jefferson County where the workforce, including his own, has been's a necessary evil.

"Our lines are backed up already and this does create more of a hardship on the citizens of Jefferson County," Hulsey said.