32 arrested during Operation Spring Break in Etowah County

Law enforcement officers during Operation Spring Break on Wednesday. (

"This is a team effort. That's why we all work together to accomplish one common goal and that's to get the bad guys off the street," said Gadsden Police Chief John Crane.{}

Authorities from all over the state and even the Federal Bureau of Investigation were on the hunt for 87 people with 115 warrants out for their arrest. They called their mission in Etowah County: Operation Spring Break. {}"I think we take a real proactive approach," said Todd Entrekin, Etowah County Sheriff. {}We're told the majority of the offenders face felony drug charges. Investigators were split up into eight teams with each team being assigned to a different district to execute the roundups.Police in our group went from house to house looking for wanted men and women, even climbing through windows when necessary.At last check, 32 people were arrested in the crackdown.{}'Operation Spring Break' took place during the afternoon, a change from similar sweeps that normally occur during the early morning hours.{}{}Our group leader says criminal sweeps are done about every 90 days in an effort to ensure public safety by keeping criminals off the streets.{}