Outpouring support for McDonald Chapel storm victim

It's a story of hope.. about someone in need and this community is doing what it always does - digging deep to help.

Wednesday night we showed you exclusive video of a dilapidated house .. that a{}man has been living in since the 2011 tornadoes. Since our story aired, calls poured in to help him get back on his feet.

Earcy Tucker says, "I thank God for this, Keeping it one day at a time. Whatever blessings he sends my way, I'm grateful."

The moment people heard McDonald Chapel resident, Earcy Tucker's story... and saw the mold and poor conditions he's endured since the 2011 storm... there's been an outpouring of support.

Jennifer Franklin says, "Why wouldn't you want to help? I walked out of there, out of our home with our four babies, my husband and I had to hit my knees and thank God."

Tornado Survivor Jennifer Franklin did not move back to Pleasant Grove -- but wants to sell her property and put the money towards re-building Tucker's future where he grew up. "He needs help, people helped us, people we don't even know."

"I got an email from some bikers and they said, do not put a trailer in there, let's build a house." Sergeant Lloyd Watkins with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office has started a fund to re-build Tucker's house.

He says monetary donations are already coming in. He's received emails and calls as far away as Delaware

Habitat for Humanity has also taken notice. "They talked to us about the situation, walked through the house, took photographs."

He says the community is pulling together.. for a man described as too humble to ask for help.

Franklin says, "I married a man just like him who wouldn't ask nobody for nothing and didn't want to take nothing from nobody. That's hard." She listed her property on Craigslist.. and hopes someone will help. "That one person is going to read it and they're going to help. And I'll re-list that add every day if I have to."

If you would like to make a donation, contact Sgt. Lloyd Watkins at 205-481-4210.