Outrage over Washington's stalemate

Are we days away from calamity? government default?

I am not a fan of reporting percentages and numbers. As a reporter I like to break down the facts into digestible information.

But recently a percentage caught my attention. more than 80 percent of Americans want lawmakers to get the job done and agree on dealing with the debt ceiling.

This has been going on for six months. One day, it looks as if they are close to a deal... the next they figuratively have their arms folded with no deal.

{}The uncertainty has left the market down. The Dow is down, the S&P 500 is down, AAPL down.

Many Americans are scratching their heads at the inefficiency of the government process.

Voters entrusted these leaders to operate our country effectively and efficiently.

What is the answer? perhaps focusing on the solution, instead of certain pieces of the pie. Let's find a way to get along and get the job done. perhaps there should be less politics in our politics?