Over 5,000 wait in line at BJCC job fair


Like most other states, Alabama{}just doesn't have enough jobs for all of those who want to work. That was evident at a job fair hosted by Congresswoman Terri Sewell. More than 100 companies took part - big name companies at that - all hiring.In order to participate in this job fair, employers were required to be hiring and the job seekers braved the heat and stood in line for hours just to have a chance at an interview."I never - this is my first time seeing a line this long," Jennifer Judge, who's looking for work said.The line stretched around both sides of the BJCC and lines formed in the courtyard painted a vivid picture of the state's unemployment.... and they were willing to wait it out in the Summer heat.{}"Hot. Hot," Monte Glasco, who's looking for a job said. "But it's well worth it. There are a lot of big companies and I look forward to meeting with them.""I have been unemployed for three years now with two kids," Brittney Brown, a job seeker said. "I've been looking and looking for a job and my kids have been wanting stuff and I know Christmas time is coming up now and they want stuff so I know I have to get up and try to find something now.""The longer you stand, the more frustrated," Lafeedra Lee, who waited in line said. "But when you have to survive and you have a family, you do what you need to do."Over 100 employers are helping the crowds find work."It's a good opportunity for folks like us to find those diamonds that are out there," Matt Henry, a recruiter from Cotton States Insurance said."I am just amazed at the turnout here," Yolanda Jackson, a Human Resources Director from Universoul Circus said. "It's 5,000 people someone told me, and it's awesome."UAB School of Business Professor, Bob Robicheaux {}says, despite over 100 employers looking for workers today - he says the next few months aren't looking promising."The really bad news is that most economic forecasters are predicting that unemployment is going to rise nationwide by more than 8 1/2% by December," Bob Robicheaux, a professor at UAB said."This is indeed as bad a long standing recession we've had in many decades," Robicheaux said.Professor Robicheaux told us, the third and fourth quarter of 2012 are expected to have the highest unemployment numbers we've seen in several months.