Overnight rains took West Alabama under water

{}{}{} It was like the Great Flood hit West Alabama overnight.{}{} 25 homes in the town of Gordo were left under water after along 8th Street and Ben Elmore Road.

{}{}{} "Water has never got in my house, never and I've been living here for 27 years," said Billie Spencer.{}{} She says she woke floating on her mattress.{} "I heard something fall.{} I woke up and went to put my foot out the bed and it was in water.{} My mattress was moving."

{}{}{}{} Everything from Spencer's furniture to appliances were floating in her house from room to room.

{}{}{}{} The dirt foundation beneath a road leading to{}a bridge along Ben Elmore Road completely washed away on both sides.{}{} The washout of four roads throughout{}Pickens count lead school officials to delay the start of school for two hours.

{}{}{}{}{} A thrift business and airplane hanger in Reform were damaged but there were no injuries.

{}{}{}{} Pickens County's Emergency Management Director says about 9 or 10 inches of rain fell over a four hour period.{} They have asked state officials for any help available.