Owner in disbelief after dog is shot, killed by Tuscaloosa police officer

Glenn Crumrine remains in disbelief after his dog, Sonic, was shot and killed by a Tuscaloosa police officer. (

The owner of dog shot and killed by a Tuscaloosa police officer spoke to ABC 33/40 recently to discuss the unfortunate incident.

The shooting happened about a week ago in the Eastern Hills Subdivision near Cottondale, where a motorcycle officer said he shot Glenn Crumrine's dog, who went by Sonic, to death in self defense.

In a release, police said Sonic and another dog charged the officer as he got off his motorcycle in the driveway of an area home, but it was Crumrine's dog that was "snarling" and "bearing her teeth" that prompted the officer to fire his weapon. After being shot once, Sonic reportedly fell down but quickly got back up to continue moving toward the officer. Sonic went down for good after a second shot, but the officer proceeded to shoot her two more times to "stop the suffering of the animal."

The detailed account of the incident came as a surprise to Crumrine, who said Sonic wasn't known for being aggressive since giving her to his son as a gift seven years ago.

"No way that dog would ever bite any body," Crumrine said. "She just didn't have it in her. She wasn't an attack dog."

Crumrine admitted to letting his dog outside to use the bathroom and said Sonic then ran off to play with another dog, but he still doesn't believe that his dog could have done anything to deserve being killed.


"She was so old at the time that there was not way that dog could lurch at anyone. She was getting bad hips. It was hard for her to get up and down and stuff. She ran kind of like sideways. "

Though police remain steadfast in its opinion that the officer was justified in shooting Sonic, Crumrine said he plans to file an official complaint with the city.