Owner of Sylacauga cemetery sets record straight

The owner of Evergreen cemetery in Sylacauga wants to set the record straight on recent actions that have upset families with loved ones buried there. Jimmy Curtis told ABC 33/40 the cemetery's new management is now enforcing the rules and regulations that have been in place since 2003. {}Items removed from graves over the past few days were in violation of those rules. Curtis said, "It was almost impossible to mow the grass" because of all the decorations placed on or around the graves.People came to the cemetery to find those decorations placed in a pile at the back of a maintenance shed on the grounds. Curtis said the maintenance workers had been careful to place the removed items {}in separate stacks at the shed. He claims those decorations were turned into a pile by the people who started searching through the items.(The regulations pertaining to decorations on graves at Evergreen are as follows:1(1) Baskets, glass, crockery, wire, metal or any other receptacle for flowers, vases, boxes containing artificial flower wreaths, etc. are not permitted (2) Floral arrangements are limited to one per marker, unless the marker has additional vases attached (3) Plants and shrubs can be planted only by cemetery staff, and wilted or dead plants will be removed (4) Easels are not recommended and potted plants are not permitted, except on certain holidays. Items are subject to removal five days after said holiday (5) Flags are allowed on veterans' burial sites, provided they are secured by an approved flag holder or with an approved vase. Under no circumstance should flags exceed a height of two-and-a-half feet (6) Digging holes to support heavy pots or containers is not permitted.{} {}{} {}