Oxford soldier surprises son at school

Second grade student Joss Timmons saw and hugged his father Monday for the first time in many months.

Sergeant first class Victor Timmons surprised his son at Oxford Elementary School.

As Mrs. Smith brought her class to back to the classroom following lunch, the students sat on a carpet in the far corner of the room.{} The teacher led the students to believe they would have a guest speaker as part of their current studies about dirt.

She asked Joss to turn around to introduce the speaker.{} Standing in the doorway--dressed in his Army fatigues--was Sergeant Timmons, back from a deployment to Kuwait.

Joss quietly said "Hey daddy."{} After a brief pause, he stood and ran to hug his father.

"It's priceless," sergeant Timmons said.

"It's probably the last time I'll do this, and so, to listen [my wife] over the last year talk about [Joss's] countdown, this many days left, this many days left.

"When I'm here, we're attached at the hip.{} We do everything together.{} He's my sidekick."

Joss knew his father was to return this week, but he didn't know it was Monday.{} The countdown had three days remaining.{} He was definitely surprised.

Adding to the surprises was Joss's answer for what he wanted to do with his dad Monday night.

"Math," he said.{} After some laughter from his family, he clarified.{} "Math stations, not math."

He said he hoped they would go out to dinner, and play video games together on the Playstation.

The class welcomed sergeant Timmons home with a poster.{} Joss said they also spent time recently talking about veterans.

"People that served in the army and died in the army.{} That's all we did.{} And colored a picture of veterans."

Sergeant Timmons hopes to be a retired veteran soon.{} He's spent 25 years with the army--20 as active duty--and earning the rank of Sergeant First Class.{} He plans to retire in august.

"It's been a long road, but glad it's here.{} Just gotta figure out what I want to do when I grow up," he said.

It is one more thing he and Joss can do together.