Parent accused of harassing student on field trip


A Tuscaloosa County parent says her son was tortured by another parent. It happened on the way home from a school field trip to Montgomery. {}The mother is now filing charges.{}Chase Brady plays safety on the Brookwood Elementary football team, enjoys math, and makes straight A's. "I couldn't imagine anyone wanting to be mean to him," Mary Beth Falls, his Aunt said.But a field trip to Montgomery to see the state capital became the focus of what his family says will be a courtroom battle."My heart is broken," Katie Brady, his mother said. "He's ok with it now, but it's me now - you messed up."During the trip home through Chilton County, the Brady family says another parent began harassing their son."I went to the bathroom and she got mad at me and I said I had to use the bathroom and she started yelling and stuff," Chase Brady, the alleged victim said.His mother says Tammy Buentello - a parent chaperone- pushed chase up against a window on the bus, threatened him, cursed, then began drawing on his face and arms. "She got out a sharpie and started coloring all over me," Chase said. "She just kept {}yelling at people - saying bad words to all my friends and stuff.""She held him down in the floorboard of the bus for whatever reason, she sprayed perfume on him, in his face, she wouldn't let him get up," Falls said.His mom told us, one of the other children's parents is a police officer and when the buses stopped he helped contain her."I plan to take this as far as I can," Brady said. "I want to inconvenience her the way she has me and emotionally traumatized my son."His family filed the report this morning."He may have been driving her crazy, he may have thrown something at her, but she is a grown woman in her 30's and he is 9 and nothing he did justifies the way she treated him," Brady said.The Tuscaloosa County Board of Education was not able to comment on camera about the investigation.