Parents and students petitioning to keep the Ramsay principal

Students and parents look for answers about a principal removed from her office, but school leaders aren't saying much. The Ramsay auditorium was packed Monday night - there was standing room only. So far a couple thousand parents have signed the petition. Their aim, to find some answers as to why they lost their principal so close to the end of the school year."How overnight you put our principal out and for what reason?" Alexis Hinton, a Ramsay Senior said."I thought it was a good idea for us to come together as parents, teachers, and students in support of how we can block this transfer of Dr. Nettles," Sharon Moore, a Ramsay parent said.{}Parents and students packed the auditorium - showing support for the priniciprincipalay - is responsible for their success. {}"Ramsay has been great since she has been here, the SGA student body president said during the meeitng. meeting Ribbon school, an ACT testing site."{}School Board President, Randall Woodfin {}said he cannot comment on why Dr. Nettles was transferred from Ramsay. {}Parents want to know if Ramsay remain a magnet school or will it move into the zoning system?{}"A look is being taken at all 44 schools in regards to instructional learning, in regards to teaching, in regards to structure and environment," Woodfin said. "That starts with the principal level."{}Superintendent, Dr. {}Craig Witherspoon {}told us Friday there is no plan to change the structure of Ramsay and that Dr. Nettle's departure is a "personnel matter.""We won't go down without a fight," Moore said. "We need answers. We need to know why."