Parents angry after dog mauls 11-year old daughter in Walker County

{}{}{} James Hooper is not holding back expressing how angry he is that his neighbors bulldog mauled his 11-year old daughter in three places. "She's hurting and suffering, missed a day of school over it, don't know whether she's going to have to have rabies shots or not," he said.{}

{}{}{} Briana Hooper{}told ABC 33/40 herself "It hurt".

{}{}{} The attack happened Monday after Briana got off the school bus.{} The owners of the dog live on Sycamore Lane which is a dead-end street.{} Briana and other kids have to walk pass the home to get to their own.{} Hooper says the dog roams free and it's not the first attack. "It bit my son last week but didn't break skin. My mother's been bitten. My mother-in-law has had trouble out of the dog."

{}{}{} Walker County Sheriff's Investigator Brian Keaton{}confirmed they are investigating Monday's incident.{} But, neighbors here say they've complained at-least five times in the past three years.

{}{}{}{}Other children are frightened saying the same dog chased them. "Yes, a bunch of timesits already chased me," said Madison Bench.{} She's Briana's cousin and was there when the 11-year old was bitten. "Like she lifted up this hand and then she lifted up this hand where the dog wouldn't bite here neck."

{}{}{} ABC 33-40 stopped by the owners home but no one came out.{} There were 'No Trespassing' signs posted which also state "Violators will be shot"

{}{}{} Regarding the owners, Hooper says "They tell us its my dog, we're not chaining it and we're not putting it up."{} He just doesn't believe authorities are doing enough.{} "They say they can't jail a dog. What's it gonna take for a kid to get killed."

{}{}{} Walker Investigator Keaton tells ABC 33/40 they are not aware of any previous complaints.{} He added their hands are tied because Walker County does not have a leash law so in the county jurisdiction - animals can roam free.{} However, the health department says they have given owners of the bulldog until noon Friday to either have the dog quarantined for 10 days or have it put down.

{}{}{} Meanwhile, the Hoopers have hired an attorney and plan to file a lawsuit against the dog's owners.