Parents demand a new Holt High School

      {}{}{}{} This past weekend's rain proved to be a case in point for parents demanding county school officials build a new Holt High School.{} On Monday, a unnamed teacher showed ABC 33/40 a wet stack of class papers that she knew was a no-no to leave on a table in one corner of her room.{}{} "Everything on their is soaked.{} We tried to keep up with it, you know watch the weather.{} Well, I messed up."

      {}{}{}{}{} That's because water is leaking into her classroom from the outside in....and all over the building there are water bulging ceiling tiles from a entirely leaking roof.{} Also, wires are exposed to the leaks.

      {}{}{}{} ABC 33/40's cameras captured what appeared to be excessive mold building on some of the ceiling tiles.{} "It's probably affecting absences.{} They've failed AYP [Adequate Yearly Progress tests] for the past two years because of absences," said Jason Bearden.

      {}{}{} Bearden is leading a group of parents who are petitioning the school board to rebuild the school.{} Parents say the current school is beyond repair and they will no longer accept patchwork and stress students at the school are overdue for something new.

      {}{}{} "Its been sort of like this since 1981 when I graduated from here," said one parent.{} "But, from 1944 until now yeah it needs to be rebuilt."

      {}{}{} The petiton drive begins Thursday.{} Parents say they hope to present the signatures to the school board next month.


      {}{}{} 1944 is the year the current Holt High School was build.{} That was 68 years ago.{} Bearden says