Parents discuss school realignment to Hoover Schools Superintendent

School leaders in Hoover appear to be poised to shuffle students at some schools. The superintendent met with parents Wednesday to talk about redistricting. The conversation lasted more than an hour.Realigning school district lines is always a tricky job. It requires thought, planning and convincing."I've lived in Bluff Park for 31 years. Both of my children went to Bluff Park Elementary School, " said James Dollar.Dollar knows Bluff Park ES is a good school. He's not so sure school leaders need to mess with the student population."There is apparently not that much overcrowding at Bluff Park ES. This is being done because in the future we may have some problems," asked Dollar.Hoover City Schools administrators believe growth is a problem. The district's website shows proposed plans to ease the pressure."This a good problem for a school system to have," said Hoover Schools Spokesman Jason Gaston.Gaston insists some pockets of the city experience overcrowding more than others. Parents pushed back a second time this week during a meeting about the superintendent's plan to rezone."Part of the process is having these meetings at the grassroots level to get feedback. We modify the plan and perfecting that plan to the best of our ability to then present it to the board of education," added Gaston.School leaders didn't want any distractions. Dollar believes it's too late."They think they are being proactive. I think they think they are really doing what's best for the school system," added Dollar."This is a look forward approach. We are at capacity at several of our schools. At the other other schools, we will be at capacity very very soon," added Gaston.Dollar wishes school leaders would do research, study it and make decisions from there."This is a short-term fix to a long-term problem. Two years from we are going to be back at the same thing," added Dollar.None of the parents ABC 33/40 talked to at the meeting were happy about the talk of realigning schools. Dollar told ABC 33/40 the meeting was good, but he is not convinced now is the time to make changes.You can look at the realignment ideas by clicking here.