Parents react to UA's tuition hike

{}{} Parents of new students coming to the University of Alabama{} are speaking out about a system wide hike in tuition.

{}{} Trustees approved the increase Friday.{} It includes a 7 percent jump for students attending the main campus in Tuscaloosa, 8.6 jump for students at UAB and 8.7 percent at the Huntsville campus.

{}{} "I mean, I understand but its hard for parents and especially students that are getting student loans because it's going to be that much tougher for them when they graduated, " said Judy McCallie.{} Her son, Jeremiah is transferring to U.A. from a two year school in the fall.

{}{} "At least, that will help a little bit that he's got one year behind him," added Mc Callie.

{}{} University officials have said an increase is needed to maintain a competitive university.{} The school has lost $173 million dollars in state funding since 2008.

{}{} This week officials said at the same time - they've increased tuition they have proportionately increased the number of scholarships and opportunities for grants on campus to help students finance their education.