Parents speak about Chelsea High teacher/coach charged with sexual contact with student

57 year old Donald Teague is charged with "having sexual contact with a student, under the age of 19."Teague has been a social studies teacher and is one of the coaches for volleyball and basketball. He was indicted today by a grand jury. The victim - a female student at Chelsea High School. Parents say it's frightening."She was shocked," Tamala Savage, a parent said. "It concerns her and her classmates that you have someone that you really don't know who these people are."We spoke with a Chelsea parent - whose daughter was coached by Teague. She told us, knowing he spent so {}much time around her daughter - is concerning. {}"With volleyball it's all Summer, it's car washes, it's fund raisers, it's everything and you entrust these coaches with your children," Savage said.The allegations that Teague had sexual contact with a student came out March 18th - through a report from the school resource officer. {}Teague has been on leave since then. {}Teague is from the North Shelby County area. He's is being held under a $30,000 bond. {}Parents said after three other Shelby County school employees were arrested in two years - they're hoping for a tighter screening process. "It concerns me that it's occurring but it's occurring in today's society," John Freeman, a grandparent said. "It seems like every time you turn around there is a teacher being arrested for sexual misconduct in school."