Parents, students concerned after gun found on campus


A big scare for students, teachers and parents at Huffman High School. Several teens - who attend another school - showed up on campus with a gun. After a search, one of the students was arrested.Thankfully members of the security team at Huffman High School were able to stop the situation before anyone was hurt, but parents tell us, they're still worried for their children's safety.{}"They came over to the school for two or three days looking for someone in the school," Robert Wynn, a parent said. "When they came, I found out they had weapons."{}The news of a student from another school on campus with a gun left Huffman parents with deep concerns."Oh, just - if they hadn't have found this kid in there, and he would have started shooting, who knows how many kids would have gotten hurt behind that?" Wynn said."I was in the hallway so I'm glad I went in the classroom before all of it happened," O'Sha Dale, a Huffman Senior said.Huffman Senior, O'Sha Dale says a normal Friday morning turned into mass confusion."I was just trying to stay safe," Dale said. "I wasn't trying to worry about it. I was just trying to stay safe.""I think someone let them into school," he said. "You have to have a school i.d. or whatever and I think someone let them in and it went from there."Members of the school board were not available for comment, but the Birmingham Schools spokesperson told us - that a faculty security member spotted two students he didn't recognize. After alerting the administration, four more students from another campus were found at Huffman. After a search, they found a gun - and a student was arrested."To me, they executed it well because nothing happened," Wynn said. "They were able to apprehend these kids before anything did happen."The students were charged with a class three violation of the student code of conduct. They will have to have a hearing to determine their punishment.


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