Parents to converge on Birmingham Southern to deliver meals

A tradition on the Birmingham Southern campus that began 11-years ago will continue on Monday, January 28, 2013. {}It's called "Mama's Home Cookin'."

This event happens every year as BSC students are completing the month-long Exploration Term. {}This term allows students to pursue one specialized project, a one-time campus course, internships or other activities.

It began in 2002, when a residence hall advisor named Chris Herrington asked his mother to prepare a home-cooked meal for the residents on his floor. {}This one event grew into a "campus-wide celebration," according to Pat Cole, who is a communications specialist with BSC.

On Monday at 6PM, about 50 parents from all over the region are expected to be here to prepare those meals. {}The dinner will take place in the Bruno great Hall of the North Campus Center.