Parents/teachers react to possible Birmingham school cuts

The Birmingham School Board has tough cuts to make.{}state savings requirements could erase 200 jobs.

This week, the Birmingham School Board is holding more meetings trying{}to figure out what to do {}before a possible state takeover.

This afternoon's first meeting focused on declining student enrollment one of the chief reasons the district is losing money.

Diane Garrison says - it's the battle on the board and frustrations within the school system that made her family take her grandson out of Ramsay {}next school year.

"They have money they're just not putting it in the right place and they're firing people left and right," Diane Garrison, a parent said.

Janet Alberts lost her job as a Woodlawn English teacher just a few weeks ago. But that wasn't the first time.

"I've been non-renewed four times since I've been here," Alberts said. "I don't know when they're going to stop playing the games."

She just wants to know whether she'll get her job back.

"I don't know whether I'm going to be renewed, should I go someplace else?" Alberts said. "Should I look for a job? It's left up in limbo."

Olivia Thompson thinks so too.

'They are not treating our teachers as good as they should treat them so that's why we're losing students and teachers," Olivia Thompson, {}a parent said.

Her daughter is a 3rd grader at Princeton Elementary. It's her future she's worried about. And Olivia took a seat at the {}table with {}school board leaders to tell them what she thinks.

"The top administrators are getting the dollars and they're sitting on their behinds doing nothing," she told them.

She says, the drop in student population isn't necessarily about what the board is - or isn't doing. She says the schools are a microcosm of the city as a whole.{}

"We have a lot of people moving out of my neighborhood because of crime," Olivia Thompson said. "There are a lot of factors playing into why we are losing students out of our schools."

The Birmingham Schools finance director told us, next Tuesday, June 26th they'll present a more specific plan on the coming cuts complete with names and details on terminations.