Part of new gun bill in Georgia would allow certain school employees to bring guns to school

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal is set to sign legislation that will change the states gun laws.

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal, on Monday, will sign legislation giving more freedom to those residents with licenses to carry weapons. House Bill 60 makes several changes to Georgia's current law.{} The bill will allow people with a license to carry the ability to bring their gun into a bar without restrictions.{} It will allow people to bring their weapons into some government buildings that don't have particular types of security.{} It will also give churches and worships centers the right to decide whether or not a person with a license to carry can bring a weapon into their place of worship. And school districts would now be able, if they want, to allow some employees to carry a firearm under certain conditions. One element left out of the bill was the "campus carry" provision which would have legalized guns on college campuses.