Passenger arrested for flying under fake name

A man is facing federal charges after giving false information to a federal agent.

This comes after he attempted to board a United Airlines flight under a different name. The FBI says that Robert Quran Hick flew from Atlanta to Birmingham, using one person's name.

Then, was able to get boarding passes in someone else's name for two more flights. One to Chicago and another to Colorado Springs.

Hick had left the secure area of the airport by going down the escalators to the baggage claim and then went back past the do not enter signs and tried to go up the escalator, not once, but twice.{}

Hick was re-routed to the TSA checkpoint,{} and when asked to provide further identification, the FBI says he lied to a federal agent about his name and date of birth.

Since this is an ongoing investigation, the FBI would not comment.

Hick has a preliminary hearing set for Friday.