UPDATED: Pastor Richard Shahan arrested in Nashville

We're learning more about the New Year's Day arrest of Pastor Richard Lee Shahan in Nashville. {}His wife, Karen, was found dead inside their Homewood home in July.

The affidavit in the case says Shahan is a "fugitive from justice.. wanted out of Jefferson County Alabama for Homicide." {}It also states that a "Customs Lookout" was issued for the defendant "in the event he tried to leave the state or country; etc."The affidavit notes that Shahan booked a flight from Nashville to Frankfurt Germany. {}Homeland Security agents apprehended Shahan after the computer system red-flagged him.Jefferson County has confirmed extradition of Shahan, who does have a court date coming up in Nashville on January 7, 2014.In August, First Baptist Church in Birmingham said Shahan was on paid administrative leave.***Update: {}We have now confirmed that{}Shahan is no longer employed with the church. He was taken off administrative leave a few weeks ago. The church has no comment.{}