PCB pollution case settlement protest

Protestors, survivors of PCB contamination marched across Anniston with a message : we won't give up. More 100 plaintiffs in the long settled PCB contamination case against Monsanto, now known as Solutia,{}claim they have been short changed.

Dissidents wrote the names of loved ones, they believe have passed away due to about 40 years of{}PCB pollution in west Anniston, on a cross. They marched to the Calhoun County Courthouse for a rally.{}They then traveled to west Anniston, and placed the cross across the street from the Solutia facility.

Plaintiff claims of wrongdoing by their attorney, Donald Stewart, have been dismissed previously by the court. They are fighting in court to have a full accounting of{}the $171 settlement. So far, the court has only allowed the plaintiffs to audit a{} $30 million trust. Plaintiff attorney Gene Rutledge expects the audit to be completed before the end of the year.