Pedestrian hit and killed in Tuscaloosa


Tuscaloosa police were called to a pedestrian struck on Highway 69 just north of Skyland Boulevard before 1 a.m. Police say the driver of a Dodge Durango was traveling southbound in the middle lane when he struck a pedestrian before he could react. The driver stopped and tried to slow down other vehicles. However, police say the pedestrian was struck two more times by vehicles within minutes of impact. All of the drivers initially stayed at the scene, but when the first emergency personnel arrived they asked everybody to get back into their vehicles. This occurred before officers arrived and the drivers of the second and third vehicles left the scene. Now, police want to talk with them. The driver of the Durango stayed at the scene and talked with officers. Police are asking the drivers to call the traffic division at 205-248-4730. The pedestrian was pronounced dead at the scene and police have not released his name.



Tuscaloosa Police are investigating the death of a pedestrian on Highway 69 South at the Interstate 359 ramp.We are told several vehicles were involved in the accident that happened early Wednesday morning. No one else was reported injured. The victim is being identified as a male, but his name has not been released.