Pelham Christmas lights

There's a hot competition in Pelham. The city judged Christmas light displays Tuesday night. Some families are sparing no expense. One family has won four times and is wiring up even more lights this year.

David and Barbara Phillips love the movie Christmas Vacation. David enjoyed seeing displays as a child and watching Clark Griswold in action inspired him to put up the first string of lights.

"When you first turn the corner, I say, I can't believe we've done this." For 10 years, David and Barbara Phillips have brightened Red Fox Drive and lit up faces. Noelle Smith says "We like to see it every year and it's got more and more stuff."

Barbara Phillips says "We added a little duck, a pink flamingo another dog."

That along with more than 50-thousand lights and numerous displays surely couldn't make their neighbors green with envy. Neighbor Gorman Tackett says "I think it's great. We go along with them every year with some gimmick."

Barbara Phillips says "We light on December first every year and they said it's not Christmas until they come see the lights , so that's a warm feeling."

But will it warm the hearts of judges for Pelham's Power Express competition? Phillips admits there are{}some pretty neat displays on David Drive where another Phillips family is brightening the street and mentoring others. Antonio Palma says "Every year he takes me to the store and we get stuff, he's always got more than me."

But despite who has the most lights, just the site of it all, has brought joy to many who stop and admire all that hard work. Tom Smith says "We have the hot chocolate in the car, we're looking at the Christmas lights, that's what Christmas is about, family.

The Phillips usually head out the day after Christmas to find more additions. And if you're wondering about their light bill. They pay on it throughout the year and their bill usually runs around 400 dollars in December.