Pelham City Schools prepares for first year

Children are getting ready for a new school year in a new school system.Pelham City Schools will hold their first classes a week from tomorrow. It comes after the city broke-off from Shelby County.Superintendent Scott Coefield says everyone is working long hours right now to prepare for the start of school, even exchanging emails as late at 10 and 11 at night. There's been a lot to do and the number one goal right now is to make sure "Day One" goes well."We're pedaling hard."Adrenalin is rushing at Central Office. "The first day of school is next Thursday."Pelham City Schools is about to start its first year. Superintendent Dr. Scott Coefield says, "This is about controlling your own destiny."And that comes with a lot of work. School safety planning, transportation planning, technology set up, personnel transfers even student transfers with the new Helena High School.Parent Wendy Rosenstiel, "It's a great year to do it because they already have change with the helena students leaving, so I think it's going to have a positive outcome."Students finished registering Wednesday at Pelham High School. Nelson Gooden, a teacher for 29 years, says a city school system will greatly impact these students."We can educate our children better because we know first hand what they need and instead of having to go anywhere else for the resources, we have the resources here to make sure the kids get a top quality education."Superintendent Scott Coefield says once school begins it will be time to focus on a long term plan. "We're going to be heavy into the planning process for the future so we know we're keeping schools safe and we have a rigorous and relevant curriculum, we have great teachers and extracurricular programs."Pelham is expecting{}up to 3500 students to be in the new system this year.