Pelham families face a flooding crisis

Pelham neighbors are facing serious flooding. It's caused severe damage to homes and cars over the past several years. The city is now looking at what can be done to improve the area along Bearden Road. Every time it rains - especially days like Thursday where it's constant - neighbors in Cedar Cove say they're concerned it could flood. It's a problem that has cost some people living here tens of thousands of dollars. "It just leaves you crippled almost," Judy Fox, who lives in Cedar Cove said. "You can't get out of your house, you can't get downstairs because the electrical outlets are under water. It's just devastating.""We've had six floods in nine years," Fox said. "The first one, we got three feet of water in our downstairs."The Fox family showed us pictures from the last flood. The mailboxes are almost under water.{}All total, they're out $80,000 after re-finishing the damaged basement 4 times and replacing three cars.{}"When it floods it floods really fast," Fox said. "It comes across the street fast. When you see it crossing the street it's almost too late to get your cars out.""ThIs is more or less a way to slow the water down," Joseph Mahaffey who lives next door said.The Mahaffey family's basement was destroyed, too. They now keep sandbags at their garage doors."We got flooded all through here and down into the crawl space of the garage," Mahaffey said. "There was probably a foot of water."Other neighbors...."This area, when it rains, there's a drain pipe that gets stopped up and this whole cul de sac gets flooded," Phillip Gilespie, another neighbor said.{}...have the same problem."Probably maybe a foot," Gilespie said. "If my three year old gets out and runs around, it's up to his calf muscle or his knee.""It's a very helpless feeling, a hopeless feeling," Fox said.The city is looking into a hydrology study around Pelham High School and the Cedar Cove neighborhood. It could lead to federal funding to help fund improvements.