Pelham leaders consider separate school system

The Pelham City Council could look at forming a separate school system. {}The Council meets{}tonight at 7, and on the agenda, a resolution that would authorize the mayor to enter into a contract with Decision Resources, LLC.

If passed, Decision Resources would then complete "a feasibility study to asses the{}financial resources that would be available to fund a separate school system for the City of Pelham."{}{}A work session begins at 6PM at City Hall in the Council Conference Room. {}The Council meeting follows at 7PM in the Council Chambers.Here's a look at the rest of the agenda for this evening:{}CITY OF PELHAM - COUNCIL MEETINGCouncil Chambers - Pelham City HallMarch 25, 2013 - 7:00 p.m.{}AGENDA{}BY GENERAL CONSENT OF THE COUNCIL, AGENDA ITEMS {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {}{}MAY BE ADDED, REMOVED OR CONSIDERED OUT OF ORDER{}{}Proper notice of the regular scheduled meeting of the Pelham City Council was given in advance of such public meeting and the notice remained posted through the scheduled meeting.{}. Call to Order{}. Invocation{}. Pledge of Allegiance{}. Roll Call{}. Consent Agenda{}(A consent agenda is presented by the Council President at the beginning of a council meeting. {}Items presented on the consent agenda are considered routine and non-controversial and are organized apart from the rest of the agenda and are adopted by general consent without debate. {}Items may be removed from the consent agenda on the request of any one member. Removed items may be taken up either immediately after the consent agenda is approved or placed later on the agenda at the discretion of the Council President and City Council.){}1. {}Approval of the March 25, 2013 City Council Agenda.{}2. {}Approval of the March 4, 2013 regular City Council Meeting Minutes. {} {}{}3. {}Approval of non-budgeted expenses from restricted fund accounts: {}None{} {}. Public Hearing - None{}. Mayor Gary W. Waters - Comments{}. Proclamations - None{}. Requests to Address the Council - None{}. Old Business - None{}. New Business1. Resolution{}2013-03-25-01{}authorizing a total of $133,000.00 in donations to the five public schools located in Pelham.{}2. Resolution{}2013-03-25-02{}authorizing the mayor to execute an agreement with Decision Resources, LLC for the completion of a feasibility study to assess the financial resources that would be available to fund a separate school system for the City of Pelham.{}3. Resolution{}2013-03-25-03{}accepting the low bid submitted by NAFECO for firefighter protective clothing.{}4. Resolution{}2013-03-25-04{}adopting a standard catering agreement for the Pelham Civic Complex & Ice Arena.{}5. Resolution{}2013-03-25-05{}extending the effective date of the repeal of the City of Pelham Compensation Pay Plan.{}6. Resolution{}2013-03-25-06{}considering ABC application for Los Rieles, LLC located at 3569 Pelham Parkway for a 020 Restaurant Retail Liquor license.{}7. Resolution{}2013-03-25-07{}authorizing the mayor to execute an agreement with Retail Strategies, LLC for professional consulting and related services for retail recruitment and the development of a Retail Leasing Strategic Plan.{}8. Ordinance 135-195 amending the zoning ordinance Rules of Procedures of the Pelham Planning Commission in regard to giving notice of public hearings. {}First Reading{}9. Ordinance 135-196 amending the zoning ordinance Administrative Review of the Pelham Board of Adjustment in regard to giving notice of public hearings. First Reading{}{} {} {} {}10. {}Ordinance 144-2 amending the regulation of the use of firearms within the corporate{} {} {} {} {} {} {} {}limits of the City of Pelham. {}First Reading{}. Council and Public Comments{}. Public Announcements{}1. Spring Clean-up Day is{}Saturday, April 6.{}{}Check the website for items acceptable for pick up curbside.{}From 8:00 a.m. until noon{}at Pelham City Hall, Cintas will offer free shredding for Pelham residents (six box limit) and Technical Knockout will offer electronic recycling drop off (no TVs). {}Fees will be waived at the Shelby County landfill{}April 6.{}2. Notices for Planning Commission, Board of Adjustment and Pelham City Council public hearings pertaining to re-zoning applications and variances will no longer be published in the Shelby County Reporter. {}Notices will be posted in four public places in the City of Pelham: {}City Hall, Library, City Park and Water Works as well as the city website{}{}3. The{}April 15, 2013{}Pelham City Council meeting has been rescheduled to{}April 22, 2013{}for Youth Government Day.{}. Adjournment{}{}THE COUNCIL MEETING IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC BUT IS NOT A PUBLIC HEARING{}


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