Pelham neighborhood evacuated after morning floods

Raging waters, submerged cars, covered roads, damaged buildings. These are the scenes, we saw this morning as massive amounts of rain poured down on metro Birmingham.

The Holland Lakes neighborhood off Highway 31 in Pelham saw substantial flooding. Tuesday night, neighbors here are cleaning out their homes damaged by the rushing water.

Keith Page woke up this morning to the National Guard knocking on his door.

"Banging on the door, flooding, the lake was coming into the circle," Keith Page, whose home flooded said.{}"There is an exit ditch that feeds the lake from 31, so when it rains the water comes in here."

Until a few hours ago, there wasn't much space between the high water, and his front door.

"When{}someone would drive down the road it would make a wave and it would come in your house and she had a towel getting it off the hardwood. That's how much water we had," Page said.

"Last night when I went to sleep the lake was six feet down and then to see it in my backyard this morning was kind of disconcerting," John Scruggs, who lives in Holland{}Lakes said.{}"The last thing you would expect to have to do is call into work to tell them you can't come because water is about to come in you house."

Many families living around the lake had to break down their fences just so the water could drain.

The Jet Pep in Pelham gave way as waters rushed past and businesses near the Jacks on 31 were in nearly four feet deep.

The neighboring city of Alabaster had the same story -{}rescue crews tell us they had a constant stream of calls. And several homes in the South Wind neighborhood near Thompson High School had about eight inches of flooding.

Even the lightning strikes created havoc at the Autumn Woods apartments in Hoover. Eight units were damaged and a firefighter and resident spent the day in the hospital for heat exhaustion and smoke inhalation.